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Laws they Don't want you to know


Law that makes most speeding tickets Illegal and why challenging a ticket under the law will likely result in the ticket being dismissed. Note this very seldom apply's to State Trooper Issued ticked given for speeding on a Interstate. All of the information can be found here


DUI can only be actually proven in the Court of Law if a Defendant is over the Limit and agrees to a B.A.C. Test or Breathalizer. Without the evidence from the test a DUI will not stand. While the defendant who refuses the test will lose his/her license it will not be from a DUI and will be reinstated without a Criminal Conviction. It should be noted that if that Defendant accepts a plea agreement admitting to the charge he/she accomplishes nothing by refusing to take the test. If in doubt ask to talk to your LAWYER before you give evidence that will be used against you no matter what role the officer pretends to be playing.

Probation Fines and Court Cost Arrest for Non Payment

It is against the Constitution of the United States Of America to punish someone in anyway for being financially impovershed. In order for a Violation of Probation or Violation of Court Ordered Payments to stand two things have to be proven. (1) One that the Defendant had an ability to pay and (2) two that ability HAS to be coupled with a refusal to do so.

We maintain and add Information to this Area as we come across it. If you know of any little known laws that may help people out send us a email with what you know of it and we will post it to the site if we interpret it to be a bona fide law. All information in this area is strictly for Educational and Informational purposes only. We are not responsible for the accuracy of said information nor are we giving any legal advise or service. It is upto the reader as to how they interpret it and what to do with the information.

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